How to keep your tenants informed

As the landlord, responsibility for maintaining your rental property sits with you; but well-informed tenants can help you protect your property against the perils posed by winter.

Don’t just assume that your tenants know the steps they can take – follow our top tips to help your tenants protect your property and maximise their comfort this winter.

– Check tenants know the location of the stopcock so that they can turn the water supply off in the event of an emergency such as burst pipes

– Make sure tenants know how the boiler and thermostat work. Advise them to leave the heating on low if they are going away over the festive period or to set a timer so that the heating continues to come on regularly. This will help reduce the likelihood of condensation and burst pipes.

– In the winter any condensation problems tend to get worse and can cause mould to form. Encourage your tenants to maintain an even temperature throughout the property, allowing heat to circulate by keeping internal doors open and using draft excluders where necessary to improve insulation and reduce condensation.

– Encourage your tenant to report any leaks – small problems can quickly escalate into big and expensive problems.

– Suggest that your tenants use lighting timers during the dark winter days and particularly if they are going to be absent from the property for longer periods. These are a good way of deterring burglars when the property is vacant.

– Provide tenants with a list of helpful contact numbers, in case of an emergency. This should of course include your contact details, as well as those of a plumber, electrician and a heating engineer.

– Why not use this checklist to put together your own bespoke information pack for your tenants? It is your responsibility as a landlord to make sure your tenants have the information they need and that they feel confident about informing you if an issue arises.

Ensure that you have a good line of communication with your tenant and that you are clear about who is responsible for certain actions.

Emma Creasey Lettings can at any time, assist you with the management of your rented house ensuring that all obligations are fully met by your Tenant but also make your life as a Landlord easier by managing the property and Tenancy.


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